Do you want a massage chair but you don’t have a space for it?

Kahuna chair introduces a slender massage chair ‘HM-5020’ for you.

HM-5020 is a 3D massage chair in which the armrests have been detached from a full body massage chair so it will fit in a smaller space and is easy to move with casters.

Full SL-track system with 4 rollers, air pressure massage on him area & heating therapy function available. 3D massage rollers give you a deeper Shiatsu massage.

Slender HM–5020 is fashionable. Two tones of 2 color options between Brown or Black with an ergonomic sitting frame along with a C-curve headrest offer superior comfort while you are reading, watching TV and more.

Slender HM–5020 with heating therapy provides the ultimate massage experience. It’s a relaxation therapy both physical and mental, bringing harmony and peace to your body and soul without much space needed.