SM-9300 Model has infrared heating emitting from the rollers that provide a unique massage experience.

Infrared heating has become one of the best heating therapy for your health especially in elevating the body temperature to the optimum degree which causes demobilization of cancer cells and increases the immune system.

What is infrared heat ?

Infrared heat is the most basic form of heating that we know including the heat your body emits. It is the invisible light that emits warmth which we call heat. The light spectrum needed to be explained before understanding the whole mechanism of light becoming a heat. The first group of light that comes in the line of the spectrum is gamma rays then x-rays then UV lights and there are lights with the colors that come in between the category of the invisible group which is infrared rays. The most fascinating fact of these invisible lights is that you only feel the presence of the light through the temperature change on your body. and since these lights are invisible they do not be dispersed into the air as other visible lights do and immerse into our body directly and have the ability to store the heat under the skin of our bodies for a long time. And another interesting characteristic about infrared heating is that no matter how cold the surrounding environment is, you will feel the heating because it travels through the air and releases heat.

What are the benefits of infrared heat massage therapy?

Infrared heating with a massage can give many benefits to your body not only in muscle relaxation, improving circulation, increasing mobility, and inflammation pain relief but also increasing the immunity in your body to fight against viruses.