One of our famous programs, the YOGA-STRETCHING program increases flexibility and maximizes promoting blood circulation. YOGA-STRETCHING program stretches your stiff muscle and relaxes you by pulling from the legs and shoulder in opposite direction. When you continuously use our YOGA-STRETCHING program, you will feel the refreshing stretch feeling so it is the perfect program to do in the morning. Not just in the morning but you can also use it at night to release the tension on your stiff body. Since we are more, sedentary, and work in chairs mostly and do less exercising our muscle doesn’t have time to be stretched and relaxed. If your muscle is stiff then whenever you do the sudden move then you can hurt your muscle because your muscle is tensed. We recommend using our popular YOGA-STRETCHING mode on your massage chair daily to promote a healthier well-being life for your tensed muscles and refresh your mind and body.