When you shop for a massage chair, you might be curious what zero-gravity massage chairs are. Zero-gravity function massage chairs can simply be defined as massage chairs that provide zero gravity position. Zero-gravity can simply be defined as the state or condition of weightlessness and only be attained through specified angles of the position which will help you feel the least gravity pressure by distributing the whole body weight equally without having one area being more pressured than others and is the most comfortable position for the spinal area in the human body.

The benefits of a zero-gravity position can reduce the pain and pressure on your spine and joints due to sitting and standing for long periods of time. You will experience your tension being released and help you be relaxed as much as possible. It also provides better blood circulation in your body.

Since all Kahuna chairs are zero gravity massage chairs, you can rest and relieve your fatigue body in any of our massage chairs after a long day!