PAU is here!.
-We are excited to introduce the new 2018 Compact Portable & Powerful Kahuna Foot Massager PAU
-Designed as space saving concept. Equipped with double sensitive touch control panels
-Scrapping pressure nodes located under your feet stimulate the reflex points on the soles of your feet. It moves clock and counter clock direction.
-3D Air-cell massage will provide the extra feel-good stimulation that reduce muscle aches and strains and instant relief to your tired legs. PAU provides 6 levels of air strength level.
-Vibration is the effective way to promote blood circulation on your feet. PAU provides 3 levels of vibration strength level.
-Available Colors: Dark Grey / Black & Brown/ Gold




Now, let’s unbox it. Ooh~ I am very excited already!!

Wow, look at that color. Very shiny~

Ta da~Yes, it is KAHUNA.

I just need two cords to connect. Very simple.


Look at that cover.

I love it. I can enjoy at work, home and any where I go now.