Ruhens – WonBong Air Purifier 4 Filtration 34% , 99% removal performance – Egg WHA200

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    Ruhens Air Purifier | FEATURES

    • Cluster Ionizer
    • Air Quality System
    • Mood Lighting
    • Sensor Touch Screen
    • Filter Replacement System (Only For Hepa Filter)
    • Timer (2,4 or 8 hours)
    • Advanced technology for air cleaning RUHENS air purifier makes a pleasant air by emitting the ion cluster which effectively removes germs, microorganism like staphylococcus aureus into the air.
    • The 4-stage of LED lamp to show the air pollution level A sensor detects the indoor air pollution level and display its degree of air pollution in 4 kinds of colors.
    • Smart Sleep Mode The airflow speed and light will be optimized automatically during a sleep mode for a pleasant rest.
    • Premier Design A sleek design will be matched with any interior, and the beautiful color combination of white & blue will make the interior gorgeous.
    • Removal of the ultrafine particle (PM1.0) Not only the fine dust invisible but also the ultrafine particle that is harmful to the human body can be removed.
    • Clean 4-Stage Filtration System Eliminate harmful viruses like dust, bacteria and mildews through the 4-stage filtration system (Pre-filter, deodorization filter, antibacterial filter and HEPA filter).


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    Weight 5 lbs


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