The arrival of the 2017 SL-Track Kahuna Spirit is here! Everyone seems to be familiar with our LM-series and our new 2017 SM-series, but did you know we have a new 2017 model called the Kahuns SPIRIT? I’m sure most of you may be asking why isn’t it apart of the LM or SM-series? What makes it so different compared to the other models? So today we will be answering some of those questions and explaining the features of this new model.

Here are some key features listed below:

  • NEW SL-track Massage Function that is newly renovated technology combining 2 favorite features from the past the S-track and L-track into 1 chair.
  • 2 Types of Stretch programs – Inspired by Original Kahuna Signature yoga stretching and new active refreshing yoga program is also added to the chair. Active refreshing yoga program is dynamic stretch mode to awake your body with full rejuvenating experience.
  • 3 Interchangeable width of the roller to fit the variety size of people will accommodate up to 6ft 3in, 280 lbs
  • Kahuna’s Special Vibration technique is added to Kahuna Spirit to increase blood circulation in the thighs and glutes, it is located under the seat with three different levels of intensity.
  • Large heating area coverage – on back, legs and on both arms to promote better body circulation and warmth for the body. Kahuna’s only chair that provides overall body heating.
  • Maximum 30-minute massage session with five-minute interval adjustments. 3 zero gravity positions with 5 intensity levels while enjoying 3 levels of vibration massage.
  • Manual mode, allowing the massage to be customized (arms, shoulders, neck, upper back, lower back, legs, calves, and feet) for the ultimate personalized massage. The newly invented foot roller system allows you to separately enjoy the massage as it switches the roll to rotate clock-wise and counter clock-wise automatically.
  • The newly renovated Kahuna’s Spirit Chair obtains 2 separate pillows on the neck area to allow softer or harder neck massages by either having both or one of the pillows on.
  • Built in premium Bluetooth speakers allowing you to create your own enjoyable atmosphere while you unwind and relax.


With all these features it definitely makes it hard to resist, but the best part about the SPIRIT is starting June 2017 it will be almost a $1000 cheaper than it’s original listed online price($4999.99 -> $3999.99)! Why wait until summers over? Come on in to your nearest authorized dealer or headquarter showroom and try out the hottest 2017 model! For the most current pricing and promotions call now at 714-388-2625.