It is known as the universal massage chair that offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Luxury massage chair series is the first series of massage chairs from KAHUNA, yet is still continuously producing existing models and launching new models with keeping its genuine features such as a space saving zero gravity and a full-body care air-cell massage system and even 4D massage chair has been added to a series, thus with LM series anybody can enjoy varieties of the state of art technology that provides the most rejuvenating massage feeling without having to spend extravagantly.

* Recommended Heights and Weights: 5′ to 6’2″ and up to 220lbs


Superior Massage Series have few distinctive features and the first is the adoption of the SL Tract that is consists of 6 or 8 roller systems; the extensive roller system covers more area of the back, with more optionality. The second distinctive feature is SM series can accommodate broader coverage in terms of body size and is excellent for taller and bigger individuals, not only by providing the space but is very robustly built for durability. Designed with consideration of enhancing the massage experience by improving the Foot and calve massage are also superior with triple rollers and restful air cell massages to suffice a full body massage

* Recommended Heights and Weights: 5′ to 6’5 and up to 350lbs


Human-Like Massage Chair

Unique HSL-track that covers full body, while offering stylish design that not only fits home, but it also works very well in office environments. It offers a variety from the simple, elegant styled massage chairs with standard functions to robust, large-sized massage chairs with numerous automated functions and extra air cells for optionality and additional comfort.. Offers numerous automated programs and massage techniques that will bring joy to the user as they discover its various functions.

* Recommended Heights and Weights: 5′ to 6’2″ and up to 350lbs


Elite Massage Chair.

The Theme of EM Series is having any individual to feel like they are the members of Elite society while receiving the massage on EM Series. The big touch screen remote controller can easily and conspicuously control the most consisted auto massage programs along with personalized adjustments in details for every individual to enjoy the perfect, one of kind customized massage. All fully assembled massage chairs boast its most futuristic design as well with the opulent details in high end style.

* Recommended Heights and Weights: 5′ to 6’2″ and up to 240lbs

CM Series

New compact zero gravity massage chair with L-track 4 kneading Shiatsu massage style roller nodes cover from neck to buttocks with fully adjustable width, height, and timer function. All-in-one compact massage chair